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Get Started Branding Yourself with Two Steps

Updated: Feb 24

You’ve dreamed of starting your own business for years and finally making it happen. You’ve got your idea, business name, and location (if your business needs one). Now, you’re ready to begin attracting customers or clients, but not sure where to begin.

If you have opened your own business or someday plan to, you’ll need to brand yourself, but the concept of branding can be so overwhelming that it’s hard to know where to start. This week’s post will simplify in two steps to help you get started amplifying your brand and growing your business.

Before we dive into these steps, let’s define branding and why it matters.

The American Marketing Association defines a brand as “a name, term, design, symbol, or any other feature that identifies one seller’s goods or service as distinct from those of other sellers” (American Marketing Association, 2022).

When you’re a solopreneur, i.e., hairdresser, photographer, organization specialist, etc., you are an extension of your brand and therefore need to brand yourself. Doing so will help you hone your message to your audience and help keep you from chasing customers that don’t make sense for your business (for example, a hairdresser marketing to a bald man).

Julie Andrews said it best when she sang, “Let’s start at the very beginning, a very good place to start,” as Maria Von Trapp in Sound of Music (Rogers & Hammerstein).

Grab a pencil and some paper, put on your thinking cap, and brainstorm who you want to buy your product or service. You can do a barebones outline as shown below to get started before expanding and detailing your ideal market.

Step one: Create a Barebones Idea of Your Business and Target Market.

Start by creating a barebones outline of the following prompts:

  • Business Concept: (what product or service am I selling?)

  • Buyer persona: (who is most likely to be interested in purchasing my product or service) 

  • Unique Value Proposition: (what I alone can bring to the table)

Step two: Expand and further define your business, your audience, and your UVP 

Source:> Background photo created by –

This step will help you hone and build upon the foundation you started in the first step. This step will help you move from generic: “I am a home organizer” to specific: “I am a busy momma who educates other busy mommas on how getting their home neatly organized helps them to spend more time with their babies.”

As your business grows, you can continuously refine your branding, but the above steps can help get you started.

If you would like more guidance on building your target persona or your personal brand, please email for a free Zoom session to brainstorm ideas.


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Photos and videos courtesy of:”>Business illustrations by Storyset

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